Why, Network Execs, Why?

I absolutely hate that someone can become famous by simply being a human train wreck. We used to reward people with skill, talent, desirable genes and other redeeming qualities, but now society's regurgitation can fill our TV and radio stations with their mind-bottling stupidity.

I'm not an advocate for violence, but when I hear the name Honey Boo Boo, my brain wants to murder my ear holes for allowing that horrible sound entrance into my head, and in turn, being forced to expend actual energy translating those atrocious syllables into discernible thought. I'm trembling just simply typing that.

Here's an idea for a reality show: Let's find the people responsible for Jersey Shore and lock them in a room with the cast of Jersey Shore. Forever. I'd suggest launching that room into the sun, but I have a feeling they would only feed on its yellow power like General Zod and return to exact revenge.

Dancing With the Stars should be sued for their bludgeoning of the word "stars." That is the epitome of false advertising. I see nothing that could ever be mistaken for either dancing or stars.

And when you are famous merely for having a famous relative, you should have to either prove your monetary worth and fame or sign a waiver promising to never come within a 5 mile radius of a camera. Violators would face castration to save future generations from their vile spawn. We shouldn't all be forced to know what a Kardashian is, what nauseating sounds it makes nor what a Hilton had for lunch. Answer: a grape skin and the soul of a screaming newborn.


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