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My Break-Up Letter to Certain Gaming Websites - It's Not Me, It's You

As a gaming nerd, I tend to find a few places on the web to plant myself for news, reviews and forum discussions. Recently, I've decided to pack my bags, take my lamp, my chair and my paddle game and move on from a few of them. Here's a few of the notable ones. GameFAQs: Imagine being dropped off at a playground that is populated only by schoolyard bullies. And you forgot to wear pants that day. That's GameFAQs.  And, in between beatings, you may ask where all the parents are... but then it slowly dawns on you—half of these people. ARE. The parents.  If you need a quick tip on how to unlock a certain trophy, fine. But do it quickly and do NOT, under any circumstances, visit the forums. In that Mad Maxian-dystopia, you will question how the laws of physics can sustain a universe where so many bullies can so densely populate one area without existence collapsing on itself.  But, but, but... YouTube. No. If you thought nothing could be worse than YouTube comments,

I've joined the Big C club.

I've really debated posting anything here, because it's not really my style, but I'm a little bit stressed today. And the only way I know how to deal with stress, or really any emotion, is either beer or humor. So here's hopefully some of the latter... Last May (2014), I had sinus surgery to remove some polyps. Okay, a LOT of polyps. I have had so many sinus infections over the last few years, my sense of smell was pretty much non-existent (both a blessing and a curse—I'll leave it up to you to picture each scenario) and one nostril was completely obstructed (for years), but I was dealing with it all. Flashback to January of 2014 when I got a sinus infection so bad and my polyps were so numerous that I couldn't get rid of it with antibiotics. Although it did ruin my stomach for a month, so I had that going for me. Basically, the fluid had nowhere to drain. So I scheduled my surgery and "lived" with a sinus infection for nearly 5 months until my appoi