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How I Spent My Tuesday Night

The view from our driveway. So we decided to take an impromptu camping trip after a large explosion in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin took down several buildings. And by “we decided” I mean “suddenly evacuated.” If you haven't experienced this yet, having two cats and a dog in the backseat of a Toyota Corolla is a blast... er... uh... not great. But let's start at the beginning... I was home playing No Man’s Sky (yeah, I really was—hey, those bazillion planets aren't going to explore themselves) when the Barr House exploded. The house shook so badly I thought a cement truck jumped the curb and ran into our residence. I jumped up in my Family Guy™ pajama shorts and checked every room to make sure there wasn’t a vehicle sticking out of a wall before calming down our pets. After all that, I went outside—still in my Family Guy™ pajama shorts and bare feet—to witness all of my neighbors on the sidewalk gazing into the sky at the giant plume of brown smoke (pictured at right the bla