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Generation: Entitlement

Blame my allergies for this, but I've decided to continue the rant I began earlier this week. I'd give you background information, but I feel this could apply to just about any story you hear/read/fabricate today. Also, I don't feel like typing it up. Or even being awake. So... enjoy. I blame the society that tells both teams that they are winners, there are no losers and everyone gets a trophy. The same society where people audition for talent shows, with barely enough brain power to operate their own lungs, because they were surrounded by diluted, unconditional encouragement in lieu of valuable criticism. The same society where one can type "in lieu of" in a feeble attempt to sound more intelligent then they really are. Yet somehow manage to spit in grammar's stupid face by misusing "then."  I blame the society that verbally accosts the teacher when their child fails. Yeah, I'm sure it had nothing to do with endless texting, Facebooki