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RIP: iPod

I will try not to cry while typing this, but... oh... too late... hold on a second. There... I think I've mustered up enough strength to continue. Tragically, my trusty iPod of almost 9 years, passed away at 10:12 am Thursday morning. His battery life had been waning in the last few years, to a barely usable 3 hours, when a sudden, unexpected hard drive wipe late last week took its toll on the electronic gadget. Mr. iPod had been on almost constant life support following that horrifying incident, with high hopes that he'd eventually pull through. There were several attempts to reload music, but constant lock-ups during syncing prevented him from returning to his former glory. In his final days, Mr. iPod wasn't able to keep a charge and suffered from long pauses and constant song skipping with the scanty amount of MP3s he was able to retain. In the end, it was too much for his little 20GB hard drive to handle and was pronounced dead after a short battle with David Bo