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Shut Up About Game Pass

SHUT UP. SHUT UP. SHUT UP. [placeholder GIF - will find better one before posting] Greg Miller: Role Model, Icon Ugh. I just got done listening to the latest PS I Love You XOXO podcast about PlayStation, and if I took a shot every time they said the words "Game Pass," I'd be on a stretcher as paramedics try desperately to revive me. "Cripes! HOW MANY shots of Apple Pucker?" I listen to that podcast to hear about PlayStation. And Shu. And Knack. And the Water Man. Not how Xbox is trying to ruin the industry. And yes, I said "ruin" because I feel that Game Pass is dangerous to my favorite hobby. And am I the only one who sees this? Am I somehow immune to Bill Gates' vaccine nanobots and I'm now in a technology-based version of They Live? Why is everybody green with Zune logos on their foreheads? It's everywhere: Twitter, ResetEra, Kinda Funny... I can't escape. Netflix vs. Game Pass The comparison is always there. Microsoft's Game Pa